Active Members

Kailey Braddy: Kailey is a sophomore majoring in Accounting. She would like to end up working for an accounting firm, preferably in St. Louis, MO focusing on auditing. AKPsi has prepared Kailey to be a better business leader through professional development workshops, the interview process, and becoming a more well-rounded person overall.


Evie Clark: Evie is a junior Business Administration major with an emphasis on Marketing. As of yet she does not have any specific future plans. The professional development workshops which AKPsi holds have opened Evie’s eyes to all of the different ways to improve oneself professionally.


Isabel DiCampo: Isabel is a senior Biology major with plans of becoming a pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Alpha Kappa Psi has helped her prepare for interview processes, as well as teach her how to build a great LinkedIn profile and resume.


Sydney Gosik: Sydney is a junior majoring in Health Science. She intends to work in Worksite Health Promotion. AKPsi has helped her exude a professional appearance, as well as prepare her for obtaining the job she desires.


Lindsey Horstmann: Lindsey is a senior with a Business Management major. She intends to go into personal/business financial planning. She appreciates that AKPsi allowed her to meet like-minded people.


Michaela Hylen: Michaela is a sophomore majoring in French (pre-MAE). In the future, she plans to go into international education. AKPsi has helped her by giving her an understanding of how to act and dress in the professional world, as well as what to expect in an interview.


Sonny Jadali: Sonny is a junior majoring in Finance and International Business. He plans to have a career in helping people or companies with their finances. AKPsi has helped Sonny out with his resume and his interview skills.


Corey Jackson: Corey is a senior Marketing major with plans to go into marketing research. AKPsi has helped him to grow professionally through resume critiques and interview training.


Greg Jochems: Greg is a senior Accounting and Business Administration major with an emphasis on Finance. In the future, Greg plans to get his Master’s degree, become a CPA, and working for one of the Big 4 accounting firms. AKPsi has helped prepare him because his  LinkedIn profile is much stronger than it was before he joined and since then several potential employers have looked at it. Greg also did not have a resume before he joined AKPsi.

Abbey Johnson: Abbey is a senior Public Communication major. She plans to go into special event planning or sports advertising. Through resume critiques and other professional development tools, AKPsi has prepared Abbey for interviews and expectations for jobs.


Maura Kelly: Maura is a junior Public Communication major.  She aspires to work in advertising and public relations. AKPsi has helped her prepare for the business world by giving her the confidence to become a better version of her professional self.


Olivia Lackey: Olivia is a junior majoring in English. At the moment, she does not have solidified future plans yet, and is seeking things that interest her. AKPsi has helped her to gain a better understanding of the professional business world, how to handle herself at an interview, how to make a solid resume, etc.


Claire Mueller: Claire is a sophomore Business Administration major. In the future, she hopes to work as a team leader internationally on a marketing campaign. AKPsi has helped her in preparing for interviews.


Mia Palumbo: Mia is a sophomore, majoring in both International Business and Communication, with minors in French and Art. She would love to work for the National Geographic, but would also enjoy going to law school and working for the FBI. AKPsi has been critical in helping Mia to gain confidence in her abilities and desire to be part of a business environment, as well as providing professional advice for the future.


Alex Savala: Alex is a senior Health Science major. She plans to go into Health Administration in the future. AKPsi has helped Alex by pushing her to do a mock interview, which contributed to obtaining a job in the Truman State Career Center through that experience.


Trevor Townsend: Trevor is a senior Accounting major. His immediate goals are to obtain his CPA and hopefully gain some experience in public accounting. Eventually, he hopes that the skills he has learned will help him to become a successful entrepreneur. AKPsi has provided Trevor with a support group that has enabled him to develop himself not only professionally but also as a leader.


Paige Unger: Paige is a senior Accounting major.